EcoSTEPS - What's in a name?

Updated: May 11, 2020

EcoSTEPS approach to sustainability is encapsulated in the two parts of our name: Eco: from 'oikos' (Greek for 'house') and the root of both eco-logy and eco-nomics;

STEPS: This is an acronym for Sustainability Training Education Practices & Strategies. Sustainability: This is EcoSTEPS primary focus and we work with organisations in the following areas: Training Sustainability thinking is new to most people and organisations - they benefit from a 'kick start' in the form of some targeted training to introduce them to the main concepts, tools and techniques. ​ Education New information and ideas are then applied by individuals in their own particular organisational roles and job circumstances in the context of their personal values and worldview. Practices All the various activities, products and services of an organisation can be viewed from a sustainability perspective. Can we do things better? More cost-effectively and environmentally efficiently? Can we build our triple bottom line capital? Strategies Is ‘Sustainability’ at the core of your overall organisational strategy? Nowadays it needs to be. How do we meld together our organisational practices and behaviours in the context of our existing strategy and the articulation and development of a complementary and integrated 'sustainability' strategy? EcoSTEPS is experienced in the complexity and dynamics of introducing new ideas and approaches into organisations that require not only education and training, but also management of the change process to ensure that all stakeholders are enrolled. We share a passion for helping organisations to excel in a world demanding increased social, environmental and financial performance. We work in partnership with others, developing solutions together.... Doing well by doing good.

Our Vision is for a sustainable world.

Our Contribution is to inspire individuals, organisations and communities to move towards sustainable performance.  We achieve this as a 'Catolist for Change' and a Sustainability Partner in developing creative and successful solutions.

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