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We are very grateful to all our clients who have been generous with their feedback and comments on our work with them.  Below we offer a selection of quotes from some of EcoSTEPS’ clients grouped by Corporate, Civil Society, and Government.





AAMI Suncorp - Annabelle Butler, Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Policy


“EcoSTEPS are a fantastic partner to have in the Sustainability field. They have provided structure and an invaluable ‘critical friend’ role to myself and our National and State Green Teams.  Our resulting strategies and plans for the Personal Insurance division of Suncorp are excellent, practical, relevant and doable. Their added ability to educate and enthuse is great bonus."

Ergon Energy - Dean Comber (Sustainability Projects Coordinator)


“From the first phone contact with Julian, EcoSTEPS behaved like a consultancy that was keen to listen, understand and meet the brief as closely as possible, and they did that beautifully. I was seeking a 'critical friend' and Julian Crawford and Brent Couper adapted to suit our needs, offering wise counsel and important insights, but not constraining us to an 'EcoSTEPS formula'. They gave me everything I needed and provided great value for money.”


Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ - Alison MacDonald (Manager, Practice Support)


“Our experience of working with Ecosteps was a very positive one. Their advice was comprehensive, timely and clearly communicated – and demonstrated an appreciation of our business and our people.”


Yarra Valley Water - Robert Wilson (Learning & Development Manager)


"We really needed a team would care enough to understand our culture, to listen to what we were asking and to engage the hearts and minds of our people. Julian and EcoSTEPS did that with aplomb. We felt they were at the cutting edge of their field of knowledge and possessed the high level facilitation skills to complement this.”


Civil Society - Community, NGOs & NFPs


Futures Foundation - Jan Lee Martin (Director)


“Working with the team at EcoSTEPS is so rewarding it doesn't feel like work at all: more like a fascinating shared journey. The knowledge base of the partners is impressive, but would have little value without their expertise in sharing that knowledge through expert facilitation and communication. I congratulate the team on its professionalism. I've enjoyed watching EcoSTEPS win growing recognition as it helps organisations and communities create better futures.”


St Vincent de Paul Society - John Meahan (President National Council)


“If your organization is genuinely concerned with sustainability and triple bottom line performance, speak to Julian Crawford and Dennis Clarke at EcoSTEPS.”


Civil Society – Academia


TAFE Sydney Institute - Cathy Horan (Environment Management & Heritage Officer)


“Our experience of working with Ecosteps was a very positive one. Their advice was comprehensive, timely and clearly communicated – and demonstrated an appreciation of our business and our people.”


Government - Federal


UK Sustainable Development Commission – Report “Unpacking Sustainable Development”


“Triple bottom line reporting appears to be easier to talk about than to actually do.  The difficulty is in integrating the three dimensions into a coherent whole. The consensus is that the 'financial' aspects are best established, followed by 'environmental' with 'social' bringing up the rear. Specialist consultancies such as EcoSTEPS and SustainAbility are amongst the pioneers with a number of resource, utility and oil companies.”


Government - State


Dept of Environment & Conservation (NSW) Stella Whittaker – Director, Environment & Conservation Policy


“EcoSTEPS was contracted to prepare the initial draft of the Human Settlements chapter of the NSW State of Environment report and to incorporate feedback from the first round of cross-government review. EcoSTEPS demonstrated a remarkable ability to quickly assimilate a vast amount of diverse and complex information and to compile it into a report that was insightful, coherent and well written, all within a very demanding timeframe. They were a pleasure to work with and the outcome exceeded expectations.”


Government - Local


Hurstville City Council - Cindy Cunningham (Environmental Sustainability Coordinator)


"EcoSTEPS were a pleasure to work with. They completely understood our sustainability training needs. They have a fantastic ability to communicate sustainability principles and issues in a clear, meaningful and enjoyable way. In addition, the facilitation and overall structure of the training was very useful in relating the theory of sustainability to practical implementation in our workplace."


Melbourne City Council - Adam Briscomb (TBL Coordinator)


"EcoSTEPS approach their work with an active ear for listening and a precise methodology which I felt was always open for negotiation. What made the difference was the combination of expertise applied to our task. The intellectual resources available to respond to our brief and its development during the course of the project appeared to be deep and this inspired confidence."


North Sydney Council - Peter Bourke (Environment Manager)


 “EcoSTEPS provides a good balance between the theory of sustainability and how it can be put into practice. EcoSTEPS presents information in a way that challenges your way of thinking.”

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