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Since founding in 1999, EcoSTEPS has had over thirty people formally join as contributing Shareholders and contracted Associates. 

Over the years we have experimented with governance models exploring what it means to be a 'sustainable' organisation including becoming certified as an early BCorp in 2016. 

We recognise and appreciate the work all these people appreciated below and the wider community who we have worked with over the years on more than 300 projects have contributed to making the world a better place, for all, for ever. 


Julian Crawford – Director

Carole Young – Director

St John Miall


(at some time)

Pablo Bateson

Len Houwers

Dr Michael du Plessis

Dr Fabian Sack

Dr Alison Mitchell

Joanne Tulau
Karen Retra
Tiffany Schultz

Howard Nielsen

Doug Hammonds


(at some time. "Gang of Six" pioneers italicised)

Alexia Miall

Andrea Koch
Andrew Gaines

Brent Couper
Cecilia Stenstrom

Dennis Clarke 

Helen Weston
Jan Roberts

Jonathan Biss

Kathleen Earle

Ken Wild

Margaret Haseltine

Monica Vandenberg

Nicole Croker

Patrick Longfield

Paul Darvodelsky 

Paul Payten

Phil Barron

Dr Philip Booth

Robert Castleden

Samantha Smith

Sue Ogilvy

Susan Oliver

Tim Heesh

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