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“From the first phone contact, EcoSTEPS behaved like a consultancy that was keen to listen, understand and meet the brief as closely as possible, and they did that beautifully. I was seeking a 'critical friend' and Julian Crawford, Brent Couper and their colleagues adapted to suit our needs, offering wise counsel and important insights, but not constraining us to an 'EcoSTEPS formula'. They gave me everything I needed and provided great value for money.”  Dean Comber (Ergon Energy, Sustainability Projects Coordinator)

EcoSTEPS was founded in 1999 by Julian Crawford, Carole Young and StJohn Miall.  Our aim was  to explore what it meant to be 'sustainable' as Individuals, Organisations, Communities and Countries. 


We've been attracted to some models and frameworks over others.  Ones that we still hold in high regard include:  The Natural Step (TNS), Ecological Footstep, B-Corps, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Integrated Reporting (IIRC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD)

Julian Crawford
Founder and Director

With his science and finance background, Julian is  a leading advisor in the areas of ESG, sustainability strategy and reporting, circular economy and climate change adaptation.  He is a past president of ISSP (Int Soc for Sustainability Professionals), GRI Quality Controller and a BCorp Advisor so highly experienced across all sectors.

Carole Young
Founder and Director

Carole is a Founding Director of EcoSTEPS and leads the social sustainability practice. She has been a pioneer and leader in the field of Occupational Health, Safety & Rehabilitation (OHS&R) to Australian industry.  More recently she has focussed on providing support to individuals using the TRTP Therapy to resolve trauma related issues such as PTSD and ecological grief..

StJohn Miall

StJohn works in Leadership Development and Personal Evolution.  Through coaching, facilitating and designing development programs, he has supported thousands of individuals to discover more expansive and creative ways of working and being, which achieve results that contribute to making the world a better place. 

Brent Couper
An Inspiration

Brent was one of the original "Gang of Six", those pioneering shareholders who joined forces with the Founders in 1999.  He became a Director in 2000 and continued to provide sage advice based on his decades of top flight management consulting experience until his untimely death in 2015.  He will be forever remembered for his 'Brentograms' (see our Strategic Sustainability book chapter).

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