Paul Payten

I have a vision for our future with ideas of how to achieve it and this buoys me as I take care of day-to-day living. I am grateful for what I have and seek to assist others in their search for peace of mind and ways to sustain themselves. For me, sustainability starts with the heartfelt aspiration to be authentic to oneself while allowing others their different journey. Being mindful and accepting of others underpins the transition to sustainability which is our destination. I accept there is magic and mystery in our world and value imagination, authenticity, curiosity, passion, intuition and common sense. For me, these are the tools of Education for Sustainability.


For many years I have been developing a way of being in the world which enables full expression of my values and who I am. My image of what I want to see around me has changed, yet, consistently I have sought to associate with those of similar aspirations. In EcoSTEPS I find just that: like minded people working to make a positive difference in our world by envisioning a sustainable future. For me, working with a small group is paramount and because we are gregarious beings it is the global imperative in the process of bringing the required change to life. Being a part of this group fosters my purpose and brings my dream to life.

Background and Experience

After forty years across diverse industry sectors, I have gathered a wide range of attributes and experience, through hard work and contemplation. In my many roles in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Services, I have focussed on effectively relating to others while doing the job in hand. My main aim used to be maintenance and efficiency in all spheres of life. This has now led me naturally to my vision of a sustainable world. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills through personal development, education and training. These support me as a facilitator, multiplier and educator in communication, relationship building, process and active research in the workplace and community.


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