Robert Castleden

“Instinctively endowed with the ability to become reflexive thinkers through life education, many individuals and communities are becoming aware of the possibilities and challenges that confront us as a species caught up in the web of life. To move forward in a sustainable way will require us to further take on board reflexive thinking and values that are rooted in shared humility and compassion, and at the same time rooted in fun and wonder and optimistic possibilities”.

Why I’m with EcoSTEPS

I want to avoid seeing everything in terms of black & white (good & evil), which shows a blindness to complexity and a tendency towards arrogant judgmentalism. And that’s where EcoSTEPS comes in, operating as it does as a vehicle to connect people to sustainable ideas and visions, objectives, strategies and tactics through tailored and facilitated education and training. And I want to play a recognised and respected part in that challenge.

Background and Experience

I have over 20 years of international technical and management experience in the resources industry, as well as four years of professional sales and marketing experience. Recently at Monash University I completed Master of Environmental Science studies in systems thinking, environmental analysis, corporate sustainability management, and inter-disciplinary teamwork, to further assist my understanding of ecological and social interactions. These formal studies have advanced my capacity and invigorated my passion for action to facilitate a sustainable world. I have a specific interest in how sustainable patterns of consumption can be encouraged in developed western countries while maintaining the standards of living expected by consumers. As a Senior Consultant with EcoSTEPS, I am now helping to drive the change process via my facilitation of corporate and community sustainability education.


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