Phil Barron

"The attainment of a truly "sustainable world" is no small challenge. I do not claim to be an expert, and in the same way that you are, I too, am struggling to find answers to the sustainability questions. But, even though I have little idea of the path we will journey along, I am convinced that "sustainability", and its associated issues, is amongst the most urgent and important challenges of our time. This is not an occasion for sitting back and thinking "she'll be right!” These challenges demand attention... and they have mine."

The term "Sustainability" has unfortunately become somewhat disabused, conjuring up on the one hand, images of zealots and radicals, while on the other, affording a patronising substitute for social and environmental conscience. The quality and diversity of people within the EcoSTEPS team provides fertile ground for developing and maturing ideas to address the sustainability challenges. In working through these ideas and challenges with our team, I seek to bring objectivity, clarity and contestability to the table, but always with an eye on delivering outcomes that are both meaningful and useful to our clients.

Background and Experience

Philip Barron, as an independent consultant, is a Director of EcoSTEPS [NZ], and Aretê Ltd. He has over twenty five years experience in the hydrocarbons industry, having worked in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Prior to establishing Aretê Ltd [1999], he was an employee of Shell international and latterly Fletcher Challenge Energy. He has engineering and business qualifications [BE, MBA, Dip Arts] and has been extensively involved in both technical and commercial activities. In addition to executive management roles, he has held, and continues to hold, a number of directorships and trusteeships. Professional associations include the Institution of Professional Engineers [NZ], Institution of Civil Engineers [UK], Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.


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