Carole Young - Director

Founding Director

"I'm convinced that our economic and social systems need to be profoundly rethought. All the evidence I see suggests that our current models hold no answers for the pressing social and environmental problems we all face. I need to be able to say to my children, with all honesty, that I am doing my bit to change these models. Everything we do now must be done within a sustainable framework - and we need to get a move on."

I need to work in an environment that allows me to align my personal values with my professional skills. With EcoSTEPS, I have found a superb vehicle to do this. EcoSTEPS provides a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively with a terrific team of like-minded professionals whose combined skills are making us a powerful force for change in the sustainability movement.

Background and Experience

Carole is a Founding Director of EcoSTEPS and heads the social sustainability practice. She has been a pioneer and leader in the field of Occupational Health, Safety & Rehabilitation (OHS&R) to Australian industry. She is the author of one of the leading texts on implementing the Workers Compensation Rehabilitation regulations. Carole has owned and managed her own consultancy business specialising in corporate training and rehabilitation management and was a director of an international medical research firm investigating eco-friendly medical products. Carole is trained in The Natural Step framework and is a skilled facilitator. She has been consulting, training and educating organisations on sustainability issues since 1999.

Carole Young reflects on the changes and challenges over the past ten years in a recent radio interview.


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