Tim Heesh - Director


“On Easter Island when the first inhabitants identified a significant depletion of the native trees used to roll the giant stone idols into position a funny thing happened. Instead of trying to conserve and replant their dwindling tree population some of the inhabitants decided to fight for their share of the remaining stock. Ultimately all the forests were completely felled. Not a single tree survived. The end result was massive erosion, soil degradation, a huge reduction in the carrying capacity of the land and curiously, no appropriate material to build transport to get off the island. This advanced culture found themselves trapped with a deteriorating resource base. Sometimes we humans learn by our mistakes sometimes we don’t. Many of us are now adopting sustainability practices as the central theme in our lives so that disasters like Easter Island are not repeated on a grander scale and our precious ‘pale blue dot’ remains just that.”

I joined Ecosteps because it and its people are heading in a direction that I believe is important. Its vision and values are what I see as essential for organisations in the long run. Its objective of being a catalyst for organisational change in all things sustainable is also something I commend. We live in a critical period of human endeavour. Without committed and exceptionally talented organisations such as EcoSTEPS the path forward will only grow more treacherous.

Background and Experience

Tim has had significant experience in most areas of professional and commercial accounting over the past 25 years. Tim is currently a partner in the national accounting firm SVPartners. He has been on the steering committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants TBL Issues Group and is on the board of the Australian Institute of Social & Ethical Accountability. He has a specific interest in socially responsible investment (SRI), corporate sustainability reporting and evaluating the business case for sustainability.


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