Assurance & Audit

EcoSTEPS approach to Sustainability Assurance is based on AA1000AS and other important standards such as the ISAE3000 and GRI.

Sustainability assurance is sometimes referred to as verification or auditing. In many cases, independent assurance adds significant stakeholder credibility to sustainability and other reports and to the reporting organisation itself. The sustainability assurance provider (verifier or auditor) evaluates the quality of the report, including the underlying systems that produce the information in the report, in relation to a standard or suitable set of criteria.

EcoSTEPS works closely with Banarra ( which has extensive experience with assessment, assurance and verification work and provides the following services to organisations such as Westpac, Newmont, Hydro Tasmania,:

  • Assurance against the AA1000 Assurance Standard of organisations and their sustainability reports;
  • Verification of social and other non-financial data for public reporting;
  • Assessment against corporate management system and performance standards;
  • Project and program assessment and evaluation;
  • Social impact assessments;
  • Facilitating expert and stakeholder review panels of sustainability reports.

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6. Measuring Progress