Critical Friend, Mentoring & Coaching

"I was in need of some practical structure around what I was trying to achieve. I always seemed to be buried in detail and I never felt that I had enough time to do the real important things. I went down the coaching path not really knowing what to expect and I can genuinely say that with the coach's help and insights, I very quickly designed a framework that virtually overnight provided me with tools to focus and deliver on the things that I thought were really important.”

EcoSTEPS Critical Friend, Mentoring & Coaching services may be useful in assisting with the change management and capacity building processes.

Have you ever felt that you thought you understood something well, but when you came to putting it into practice it was a whole different exercise?

Yes. We understand – we've been there too. And, as a result of helping each other develop and find new ways of working with organisations such as yours come to terms with implementing sustainability, we've developed an approach that assists individuals to integrate their learning about sustainability into their daily work practices and home life.

Working with one of the EcoSTEPS Helping Hands coaches can assist you to:

  • Further develop your sustainability thinking so that it becomes second nature;
  • Reveal and discover the deeper implications and subtleties of working with Sustainability principles and a range of Sustainable Development tools;
  • Identify opportunities to apply and integrate your learning at work and at home;
  • Discover where to find additional relevant information to assist your quest;
  • Develop a sustainability business case for your organisation;
  • Reduce your own ecological footprint

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5. How to get there?