Carbon Management and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Services

EcoSTEPS works closely with the University of Sydney - Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis on the provision of Carbon Management and Greenhouse Gas Reduction services.

EcoSTEPS can help you measure, reduce and manage the carbon emissions from your operations. This will improve your efficiency, save money and create new business opportunities. We use unique, scientifically rigorous methods developed by the Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) at the University of Sydney . This approach takes your expenditure and revenue data and processes it through the ISA model to produce a comprehensive carbon footprint and Triple Bottom Line analysis for your business. The ISA methodology accounts for greenhouse gas emissions in the full upstream supply chain.

Carbon Management Services we can provide include:

· Carbon Footprint Analysis – comprehensive analysis of your carbon footprint split up into greenhouse gas emissions generated on site and embedded in the products and services you purchase

· Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Analysis – comprehensive TBL assessment of your business based on a comprehensive suite of social, environmental and economic indicators consistent with the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

· Carbon Reduction Strategies – helping you to develop strategies and plans to reduce your carbon emissions through improved business efficiency and targeted energy, water and materials savings.

· Reporting and Regulatory Compliance – helping you streamline your data collection and analysis by providing a seamless and painless processes to meet Australian government greenhouse gas reporting requirements

· Carbon Offsets – helping you find and purchase reliable and credible carbon credits.

Useful Articles

This is a fast moving field. EcoSTEPS recently authored an article on the 'New Carbon Economy' for Retail World with our partner organisation the FMCG-Sustainability Institute. Download the article from the link below:

With increasing organisational understanding and the business case taking shape, we need to know how the organisation is currently positioned with regard to greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon footprint issues.

Carbon Audit, Carbon Neutral, Carbon Footprint, Carbon Offset! CPRS? OSCAR? NGERS? Etc! What do they all mean? Which one does my organisation need to know about and how do we go about getting it?!

One of EcoSTEPS shareholders, Paul Darvodelsky of Pollution Solutions & Designs has produced an excellent and concise 5-page summary. We recommend you download it from the link below.

If you have any questions then contact EcoSTEPS - we'd be happy to help: 02 4757 2700 or please contact us.


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