St Vincent de Paul

“If your organization is genuinely concerned with sustainability and triple bottom line performance, speak to Julian Crawford and Dennis Clarke at EcoSTEPS.”
John Meahan (President National Council), St Vincent de Paul Society


The challenge at SVDP was to introduce a sustainability strategy across the whole organisation. The initial business driver was to educate staff and volunteers around a ‘zero waste to landfill’ strategy to reduce significant tipping fees.


Preliminary fact-finding was followed by focussed workshops with key senior management and board members. Extensive fieldwork was then undertaken to determine the scale and scope of the issues. It was found that there were significant organisational and cultural issues that were impeding the business goal delivery. It was determined that training alone would not achieve desired business objectives.


Waste was identified as a very significant cost and business issue. A detailed program was developed to articulate a strong business case focussed on waste management procedures and opportunities was developed. The initial pilot program was then extended nationally, which required considerable development of capability and culture, together with delicate handling of internal decision-making processes.

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