University of Sydney - Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis

EcoSTEPS is pleased to have a formal marketing and representation agreement with the University of Sydney's Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis™ (ISA). ISA has highly quantitative capabilities in many areas of sustainability analysis. The basis of their expertise is a comprehensive, transparent, and reproducible method known as generalised input-output analysis. This analytical framework integrates environmental and social indicators into the national economic system, based on national Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). There are applications in many areas including:

  • Ecological Footprint Analysis
  • Triple Bottom Line/Sustainability Analysis and Reporting
  • Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Population and Sustainable Consumption Analysis

ISA’s work in the areas noted above is very complementary to EcoSTEPS, particularly in the areas of EcoFootprint and Sustainability Analysis & Reporting.

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