Randwick City Council

“Randwick Council benefited greatly from the ‘critical friend’ role of EcoSTEPS in the preparation of the Randwick 20 year plan. EcoSTEPS were valuable in reinforcing broad sustainability principles and best practice while tailoring their assistance to the unique Randwick perspective.”

Randwick City Council – Anne Warner – Senior Sustainability Officer

Randwick City Council engaged EcoSTEPS to assist them with the development of the multi-award winning Randwick City Plan. This is the foundation document and guide in setting the direction for Randwick City and Council over the next 20 years.

Fundamental to the success of the project was to ensure that the Plan was clearly linked to and drove Council’s Management Planning and Reporting.

The Consultancy Brief had three main pieces of work:

1. Workshops:
Topic specific workshops with Council staff to establish goals, strategies and KPI’s for each strategic area;

2. Discussion Paper:
Synthesized output from the workshops to identify possible approaches to effectively link The Randwick City Plan to relevant statutory processes of Council (i.e. Management Plan & Budget, & the Annual Report), thereby creating a clear accountability between the Plan and Council’s management and budgetary processes.

3. Critical Friend Role:
the consultant will work with Council as a ‘Critical Friend’ to help shape The Randwick City Plan and associated processes, and to provide input and expertise regarding ‘Best Practice’.

On this project, EcoSTEPS demonstrated:

  • Excellent and effective workshop facilitation & methodology;
  • Input and experience regarding ‘best practice’ in this emerging area of holistic planning and TBL sustainability integration and reporting;
  • Demonstrated experience in working with local government on a ‘whole of council’ basis as a ‘critical friend’ to ensure the smooth development of the project;
  • Ability to meet tight project timeframes;
  • Excellent value-for-money.

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