NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water (DECCW)

NSW State of the Environment Report 2006 and 2009

“EcoSTEPS demonstrated a remarkable ability to quickly assimilate a vast amount of diverse and complex information and to compile it into a report that was insightful, coherent and well written, all within a very demanding timeframe. They were a pleasure to work with and the outcome exceeded expectations.”

Dept of Environment & Climate Change (NSW) Stella Whittaker – Director, Environment & Conservation Policy

In 2010, EcoSTEPS prepared a high level strategic report for DECCW that reviewed and commented on future directions in SOE Reporting in NSW.

EcoSTEPS were engaged by the NSW Dept of Environment & Climate Change (DECC) to contribute significantly towards the research, preparation and drafting of the Human Settlement Chapter of the 2006 State of the Environment Report which covers the following topics:

• Population
• Energy
• Water
• Transport
• Waste
• Heritage
• Amenity - Noise & Odour

DECC - Community Advisory Stakeholder Facilitation

“EcoSTEPS was engaged to facilitate a workshop for a community advisory committee comprised of a broad range of stakeholders to develop a vision statement. Carole Young quickly comprehended the brief and developed a program which resulted in a well thought out and unanimously agreed vision statement by the end of the workshop. Carole’s ability to draw out participants ideas and lead the group to develop their ideas into a comprehensive vision statement was crucial to the success of the workshop.”

Dept of Environment and Climate Change, Ian Cranwell – Director, Resource and Conservation Unit

DECC Sustainability Advantage Program

Good environmental performance reduces risk, lowers costs, improves productivity and enhances reputation. EcoSTEPS is delighted to be working with NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change as a Sustainability Advantage program delivery partner.

Over 200 companies are currently working with the Sustainability Advantage program to:

- Manage environmental risk and ensure compliance;
- Use resources more efficiently;
- Integrate environmental strategies with business planning;
- Enhance customer, supplier and community relationships; and
- Engage and train staff to become an employer of choice.

Sustainability Advantage makes sense of all the noise about sustainability, pinpoints how your business can benefit and provides a clear path for action. Rather than creating extra work, we can help you focus your efforts to deliver the best results for your company and for the environment.

A feature of Sustainability Advantage is that it brings groups of businesses together in clusters that share regional, industry or supply chain interests. Cluster meetings held 3-4 times a year provide an opportunity to draw on the ideas and experiences of like minded companies. An initial management diagnostic evaluates current environmental performance and ranks possible initiatives. Over 18 months, or so, organisations work on tailored, flexible projects selected from the Sustainability Advantage modules:

Find out more at Sustainability Advantage

To find out how EcoSTEPS can assist with your sustainability issues, please contact us.


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