Feros Care

Feros Care is a community-owned charitable organization providing a range of aged care services including Residential Care, Respite and Home Care.

Sustainability Business Case Development

  • What is Triple Bottom Line (TBL)?
  • What is Sustainability?
  • How do I develop a practical approach to TBL?
  • How do I develop a sustainability business case?
  • What are the benefits of TBL reporting?

These were some of the questions and issues facing the senior management team at Feros Care and they engaged EcoSTEPS to assist them find the answers. Using their acclaimed Sustainability Business Case methodology, EcoSTEPS developed a highly interactive one-day workshop. It was delivered to the Board Directors and Senior Management. The program examined the issues, developed and explored conceptual frameworks and developed practical approaches to progressing organisational TBL sustainability at Feros Care.

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