Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy is one of Australia's largest electricity companies.

“From the first phone contact, EcoSTEPS behaved like a consultancy that was keen to listen, understand and meet the brief as closely as possible, and they did that beautifully. I was seeking a 'Critical Friend' and Julian Crawford and Brent Couper adapted to suit our needs, offering wise counsel and important insights, but not constraining us to an 'EcoSTEPS formula'. They gave me everything I needed and provided great value for money.”

Dean Comber (Manager, Sustainability Strategy and Reporting)

Development of a Corporate Sustainability Strategy

With increasing awareness of sustainability issues in the corporate environment, there has been growing pressure on Ergon Energy to be able to demonstrate its sustainability credentials in a transparent and complete manner. EcoSTEPS helped develop the corporate sustainability framework best suited to Ergon Energy’s needs.

EcoSTEPS worked as a ‘critical friend’. We helped to integrate existing projects, programs, strategic planning structures to build a more synergistic platform for growth and continuous improvement. Gaps were identified that highlight opportunities to deliver significant first-mover advantage.

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