Ecological Footprint

EcoSTEPS is pleased to be an Endorsing Partner of the Global Footprint Network

Ecological Footprint is a resource management tool that measures how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its wastes under prevailing technology. By measuring the Ecological Footprint of a population (an individual, a city, a nation, or all of humanity) we can assess our overshoot, which helps us manage our ecological assets more carefully. Ecological Footprints enable people to take personal and collective actions in support of a world where humanity lives within the means of one planet.

EcoSTEPS is also a collaborating partner with Sydney University’s Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) group. (

Our connections and experience allow EcoSTEPS to offer a wide range of ecological footprint consulting services. For example take a look at a recent case study with Blacktown City Council, Sydney.

To find out how EcoSTEPS can help you, please contact us.


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