Carole Young - TRTP

Is The Richards Trauma Process TRTP for you ?

Is your life being ruled by the on-going impacts and pain of past trauma?

Are depression, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety controlling your days and ruling your nights?

Perhaps you have sunk into survival mode rather than living a rich and fulfilling life?

Are you at a point in your life where you just can’t see a future and you have resigned yourself to feeling this way for ever?

Do you suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ?

PTSD is a condition that can develop as a result of any event that is overwhelming to the individual concerned. Problematic childbirth, accidents, domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, physical attack. sudden deaths and prolonged stress and bullying are all potential triggers for the onset of PTSD.

Are you being abused by your own mind, running the same programs, patterns and stories telling yourself I'm not good enough. Are you in and out of abusive relationships, struggling with addictions, stuck on a poor me roundabout, lacking ability to just start those projects and carrying beliefs that are maybe not even your own.

Carole Young is a highly experienced and extremely well regarded occupational physiotherapist.

She is a pioneer and leader in the profession in the field of occupational rehabilitation and injury management.

With over 30 years’ experience, Carole has exceptional expertise in functional assessment, medicolegal evaluation and rehabilitation provision.

Summary of Experience

1988 – Present Occupational Physiotherapy Consultant
1985 – 1988 NSW Manager, CPS Rehabilitation Service
1982 – 1985 Physiotherapist QE11 Rehabilitation Centre, Sydney

Professional Career Highlights

Occupational Physiotherapy Pioneer

Carole was the founding treasurer of the Association of Rehabilitation Providers in 1986 and was influential in guiding rehabilitation policy within the Workers Compensation and rehabilitation industry.

As well as managing the NSW State office for a National Rehabilitation Service, Carole has, over the past 30 years, worked as a part time consultant for some of the top Rehabilitation and Medico Legal Providers in the State including CRS, VRS, Kairros, Prudence Consulting, Empact and Workers Health Centre.

Functional Assessor Specialist

Completed training as a Workhab Functional Assessment Specialist in 2000 and has since conducted over 200 functional assessments for legal and vocational purposes. Carole also trained and practiced in the Keys Functional Assessment System as well as the Valpar and Isernhagen approaches.


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