Julian Crawford - Testimonials

WrinkleDoctor Skincare (Start-up. Turnover less than $1M)

“I have worked with Julian for several years in different roles within two companies and have found him to be focused, results driven and someone who is a lateral thinker.

Julian asks the right questions to enable decisions to be made and has a wealth of experience working in different industries within small to large organisations. Julian is very positive, energetic and a really nice person to work with!”
Michele Vella - Operations Manager

Helix Personal Wellness Solutions (Start-up. Turnover less than $1M)

“As a start-up business (Helix PWS) trying to tap into the personalised genetics market, we were needing strategic guidance in marketing and business development. We were at a pinch point with a great idea and service but finding it difficult to develop momentum. We needed a business mentor!

With years of experience in the business development field, Julian was a great find. He facilitated a number of meetings in a professional, friendly and enthusiastic manner that made us feel confident in his capacity to help our business. More specifically, he helped us as a mentor to clarify our marketing strategy, business growth pathway, identify market segments, identify accountability for key deliverables and bring clarity to our unique selling position.

I can’t recommend Julian highly enough to anyone wanting to take their business, start-up or otherwise, to the next level. Thanks Julian!”
Peter White PhD, Director - Helix Personal Wellness Solutions

Luv Body Scrub (Start-up. Turnover less than $1M)

“Julian helped us at Luv Body Scrub to take a conceptual idea to market. We had finite resources at start-up and he was crucial in helping allocate those in the right areas. He gave us a clear sense of direction and actionable strategies that were easily implementable.

Starting a business or taking an operational one to the next level alone is totally possible; but with experience on your side, you feel as though you are putting your energy in the right direction. For me, this greatly reduced my personal stress, and allowed my core strengths and creativity to flourish which resulted in Luv breaking even after only 3 months of going live.”
Ash Crawford – Co-Founder and Executive Director

Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (Not For Profit. Turnover less than $1M)

“I have worked with Julian on the Board of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute for the past two years and during this time we have worked to develop various strategies for the Institute including strategic planning for the overall organisation as well as for specific programs.

I can attest to Julian’s suitability as a ‘critical friend’ where he successfully walks the line between positive feedback and encouragement while also pointing out flaws or gaps in planning and presentation which have been extremely valuable. I know that I can always rely on Julian to apply diplomacy and insight to matters at hand.”
Dr Rosalie Chapel - Director

Tartness Cafes, Bar and Bakery (Established business. Turnover $5-10M)

“Working with Julian was one of the best decision we could have made. We consider ourselves a successful and established “large, small business” in the retail cafe sector for the past 15 years. We have a staff team of around 80 people spread across our six locations. Our organic growth over time put demands on the upper management team that we didn’t fully know how to navigate and continue to grow. We had reached a sticking point.

Even if you've been in business for a while and feel you know the game, having someone that you can really trust to share your financial information and IP with who can then translate that into fresh, easy-to-understand perspectives and initiative is priceless.

Julian is always easily accessible without hesitation and gets straight to the point when needing to get things done. He is always on top of what's next on the to-do-list of things and helps prioritize where to focus our team’s energy next. He has helped us feel more confident about owning our own business and we appreciate and respect the financial advice he has given us thus far.

I've been working with Julian for about a year now and I brag about him and recommend him to those I feel I can speak candidly with. Anyone in any field of business from small businesses to larger corporations can benefit from Julian’s wisdom. Trust me, we tried to do it on our own for long enough and there were so many things that seemed like boulders in our path. But with Julian on our team what seemed like boulders have now become pebbles that you simply kick aside!

Now with Julian around we have more time to focus on the things that we’re actually great at in our business, and as a result, our sales have increased. We have a greatly improved company culture and the future is exciting. Thank you Julian!”
Mukunda Feldman – Founder and Managing Director


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Julian Crawford - Testimonials