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Hi there

I’m Julian Crawford. Thank you for exploring this opportunity for us to work together...

Congratulations on stepping up to the next level! I’ve been involved with literally hundreds of businesses as a professional advisor, consultant, mentor and coach over the past 35 years. Here’s my general CV so you can get a feel for my background.

I pride myself in helping SME business owners and senior management to leverage the systems, attitudes and processes found in large and multinational businesses. I will work with you to tailor and apply these business measures to your particular circumstances, culture and needs.

You’ll see me as a ‘critical friend’ who holds up a mirror to your current business situation. My approach is to work together in a staged, logical and organized manner to improve those critical pinch points and bottlenecks that are constraining your business at present. Unblocking these constraints will allow accelerated growth and profitability.

There are many tools and techniques in my portfolio. Some you’ll be familiar with (SWOT, Balanced Score Card, Scenario Planning etc) and some may be new to you (Physical/Virtual, Doing Well by Doing Good, B-Corporation etc.). We will use these tools and techniques which will evolve as we take this journey together and apply the best approaches to your particular circumstances.

In summary, I'm excited about working with businesses that are established and are now looking to grow to the next level. Above all, I am both passionate in the present moment and also strategic about the future!

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