Sustainability in the City

Do you know the new strategies and emerging opportunities that are good for business, people, communities and the planet?

Research indicates that many businesses have addressed the low hanging fruit of sustainability. However, they have not yet fully understood the potential for deeper, longer term and more holistic rewards that leadership for sustainability offers.

Learn about effective strategies that enable you to see these issues not only as challenges but also as opportunities. We agree with Richard Branson that it’s time to “Screw Business As Usual” and look for solutions and inspiration in some more unusual and forgotten places – like our own backyard!

JOIN US for an unusual 2-hour workshop in a garden oasis in the centre of the City – under those trees in the photo at the corner of Pitt Street and King Street, flanked by the iconic Centrepoint building.

Amazing! Your ideal setting to discover new ways of being in business.

Fresh learning experience: Expect a space to BE… You’re invited to use all your senses to experience new ways of learning. We’ll look at Australian case studies, global change models and ancient wisdom (from East and West).

Our 2-hour programme invites you to…

•Reflect - on your current paradigm and how it might limit innovation

•Regenerate - ideas on how to transform your business to make it future-proof

•Renew - be inspired by unusual ways of doing business

•Connect - with like-minded business leaders who are driving positive change

Take away new insights…

•Focus: sharpen your vision and capabilities

•Adaptability: acknowledge interconnectedness and reciprocity in relationships

•Resilience: develop fluidity to match the constant changes

Is this for you? This workshop is for courageous leaders, business owners, managers and executives who are open to new concepts and want to build a sustainable and thriving business for the long term while doing meaningful work in the NOW.

Your investment: $50 per person and you’ll get: 2 hours unique learning experience – Learning materials – Light refreshments – Post-session follow-up

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