Synergistic Organisations

One of EcoSTEPS' core values is:

"Collaboration and partnership characterise our approach as together we achieve more."

EcoSTEPS has associates and connections throughout the World helping us make our contribution to inspire organisations and communities everywhere move towards sustainable performance. We achieve this by being a catalyst for change, collaborating to develop creative and successful solutions as we provide support and advice in sustainability training, education, practices and strategies. Throughout this website we refer to a number of organisations with which we have been developing particularly close and effective relationships.

In its work EcoSTEPS is able to draw as necessary on the resources and expertise of several leading organisations which are well known for actioning sustainability. They include:

• Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – Organisational Stakeholder
• Ecological Footprinting – Global Footprint Network
• The Natural Step – Sustainability framework and consensus building model
• University of Sydney –– Innovation in Sustainability

No discussion of organisational sustainability is complete without consideration of the impact of GRI. EcoSTEPS is a registered Organisational Stakeholder of GRI and supports the mission of GRI to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting guidelines through a global, multi-stakeholder process.

EcoSTEPS is an Endorsing Partner of the Global Footprint Network which is promoting Ecological Footprinting globally.

The Natural Step (TNS) is a tried and tested conceptual framework which facilitates the development of environmental and sustainability strategies and the practical actions that flow from them. TNS has proved to be a very useful decision-making, educational and practical tool in a wide variety of contexts. Numerous organisations worldwide have adopted it.

EcoSTEPS is pleased to have a formal marketing and representation agreement with the University of Sydney's Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis™ (ISA). The basis of their expertise is a comprehensive, transparent, and reproducible method known as generalised input-output analysis. This analytical framework integrates environmental and social indicators into the national economic system, based on national Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). There are applications in many areas including:

• Ecological Footprint Analysis
• Triple Bottom Line/Sustainability Analysis and Reporting
• Life-Cycle Assessment
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Population and Sustainable Consumption Analysis

If your organisation shares a similar outlook to EcoSTEPS then we'd love to hear from you and see how we might collaborate, please contact us.


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