Carbon GHG Footprinting Service

EcoSTEPS in association with Greenice has launched a carbon footprinting service based on an innovative and scientifically robust carbon accounting model developed by the Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis at the University of Sydney. This approach uses Input-Output Analysis, a Nobel Prize-winning macro-economic theory. It is claimed to be more practical and cost-effective than traditional audit-based footprinting methods. The model uses readily available financial data on expenses and revenue (sales), and on-site fuel consumption, and processes it through a computer model to produce a comprehensive Scope 3 carbon footprint.

The analysis calculates Scope 1 emissions (from on-site fuel and energy consumption), Scope 2 emissions (electricity) and Scope 3 emissions that arise in the supply chain.

Calculating Scope 3 emissions would normally require an organisation to survey its entire supply chain — and the supply chain of its suppliers; a complex, expensive and virtually impossible task for most organisations. Input-Output Analysis provides a solution to this problem and carries out a complete upstream supply chain life cycle assessment (LCA) of greenhouse gas impacts at the organisation, plant/facility, project or product level.

The analysis allows an organisation to go much further in efforts to reduce its environmental impact than would be possible by carrying out traditional Scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint. A full Scope 3 analysis opens up opportunities for an organisation to ‘green’ its supply chains by working with suppliers to reduce greenhouse emissions embodied in the goods and services purchased by the organisation. This is in addition to efforts aimed at reducing direct energy and fuel consumption

The analysis provides a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory that allows an organisation to base-line its carbon emissions and monitor the effectiveness of efficiency improvements, waste reduction and new technology projects.

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