Sue Ogilvy

BSc (Physics), Melbourne University
Master of Marketing, Melbourne Business School (Melbourne University)
Permaculture Design Certificate, Tagari Permaculture Institute

Member, Forest Sustainability Council


Sue Ogilvy holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and Masters in Marketing from the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School and is familiar with the scientific principles that define sustainable systems. During her career she has worked with diverse teams in small, medium and large corporations to identify and understand problem areas and opportunities for improvement and to select and implement solutions.

She achieves success in working in complex businesses with cross-functional teams through the identification and clarification of shared goals, development of appropriate mechanisms of teamwork and cooperation and by establishing the capability to continually measure and improve on strategic and tactical execution. One of Sue’s career achievements was her role in helping two ‘warring’ departments in a large corporation learn to work cooperatively and productively together. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, this lead to a vast improvement in network performance and stability contributing to improved customer satisfaction and company profitability.

Sue is committed to helping individuals, corporations and governments accelerate the development of beautiful, productive and sustainable ecosystems for humans to live in generation, after generation.


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