Vision & Values

Our Name

Let’s consider the origins of the name EcoSTEPS. It’s a combination of ‘eco-‘ and STEPS.

The word ‘eco-‘ (think ‘eco-nomics', and 'eco-logy’ for example) comes from the Greek word ‘oikos’ (home).

• The first home we have in our mind, which generates our thoughts and feelings.
• The second we have is this physical body – the temple of the spirit
• The third we have is the home where family interaction takes place
• The fourth we have is the Earth – the stage for our human family play
• The fifth is the universe – our bigger home, where the planet is located

STEPS: Sustainability, Training, Education, Practices and Strategies (a continuum…)

Our Vision

is for a sustainable world

Our Contribution

is to inspire individuals, organisations and communities
to move towards sustainable performance.

We achieve this as a 'Catolist for Change' and a
Sustainability Partner in developing creative and successful solutions

Our Values

to say the difficult things, remain true to our values, be rigorous in our pursuit of excellence and bring our spirit into all that we do.

to ensure that respect, balance, integrity, responsibility, accountability and fun are present in what we do and in our relationships.

to ensure outstanding results through innovation, spontaneity, flexibility, openness and willingness to learn.

and partnership characterise our approach as together everyone achieves more.

Find out how EcoSTEPS can help you, please contact us.

A Flavour of EcoSTEPS

Robyne Blood is a consultant currently living in Adelaide. She has her own client base as well as contracting to McKinsey and Company as a coach, executive team facilitator and leadership program designer. She is currently participating in a Masters of Positive Organisational Development (MPOD) at Case Western University, USA. As part of that program she interviewed one of EcoSTEPS Founding Directors, Julian Crawford. The article gives some fascinating insights into the philosophies and values of EcoSTEPS.

"I particularly liked the way Julian and his cohorts have shaped an increasingly successful business around their own core values and passions.

My favourite quote was Julian’s description of his colleagues as ‘corporate refugees’.

This appeals to me as I am somewhat of one myself, but also as it gives a type of credibility to the venture as it has at core people who know the workings of organisations, but who are choosing to stand outside of them to help transform them. It was a pleasure and inspiration to interview Julian and explore EcoSTEPS. I know I am going to hear a lot more of them in the future."


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