Rotarians for a Sustainable Future

The aim of this program is to raise Rotarians' awareness about the environment and to make sustaining the environment a focus for Rotary action.

EcoSTEPS’ Patrick Longfield has been a Rotarian for many years and a few years ago, was invited to talk about sustainability at his annual Rotary district conference. He’s been speaking to clubs ever since and has now spoken to about 120 clubs, mainly in Sydney’s District 9680, and also to clubs in Canberra, Goulburn and Tamworth.

In Patrick’s words: “The aim of the project, known as, ‘Rotarians for a Sustainable Future’, is to raise the awareness of Rotarians generally to the concepts and principles of sustainability and how it can effect our lives. We then suggest actions and activities that a club or individuals may undertake. Further for those of you reading this who are Rotarians, it is described in our district as a ‘District Governor’s Special Project’. We have two strings to our bow. At a first meeting we work to raise peoples’ knowledge, awareness and understanding. This may be either easy or hard depending upon the individuals in the club.”

“As well as talking to clubs about sustainability, we also run workshops for clubs whose members wish to explore further what actions and activities they might undertake. This occurs when we attend a second meeting where we run the whole evening. We start with a short ‘reminder’ presentation then workshop the rest of the meeting. We provide members with some thought starters, and during dinner we invite them to discuss these with their neighbours, and come up with ideas that both the club and its members can undertake. After dinner, we collect these ideas and sort out those that are achievable from the not so achievable, and assist members to identify those they can sensibly make part of their club life.”


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