History of EcoSTEPS

The history of EcoSTEPS growth and development are summarised below. Throughout our collective life, we have striven to incorporate 'sustainability thinking' into our structures, processes and actions.

Founding Director, Carole Young, reflects on the changes and challenges over the past ten years in a Dec 2009 radio interview.

1998: The idea is born - ‘The Three Musketeers’
Julian Crawford (Accountant), Carole Young (OHS) and StJohn Miall (Adult education) promote the three pillars of the emerging triple bottom line (TBL) paradigm – Economic, Social & Environmental.

1999: A seed is sown - ‘NSW node of The Natural Step’
Established The Natural Step in NSW. Registered EcoSTEPS Pty Ltd with three founding Directors.

The First Five Year Plan: 2000-2005: Objective: Australia-wide influence...

2000: Seed germinates - ‘The Gang of Nine’
EcoSTEPS invites a further six stakeholders to take equity in EcoSTEPS bringing the number of shareholders to nine. First website developed.

2001: Putting down roots - ‘Sustainability Training Education Practices & Strategies’
EcoSTEPS begins successful public sustainability workshop series.

2002: Starting to sprout - ‘Developing SD Capability’
EcoSTEPS anticipates the success of the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development (SD) - ‘tagline’ is changed to ‘Developing SD Capability’.

2003: First shoots - ‘Sustainability Partner'
Reputation of EcoSTEPS spreads rapidly with satisfied clients and a very successful netletter with over 3000 subscribers, the client base expands. Website completely revamped.

2004: First leaves - ‘EcoSTEPS New Zealand’
EcoSTEPS New Zealand Ltd is registered and launched in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

2005: Healthy Sapling - ‘Principles into Practices’
The client base includes Corporate, State & Local Government sectors; consultants and shareholders build to 18.

2nd Five Year Plan: 2005-2010: Objective: Regional influence...

2006: Branching Out - ‘Expanding inter- state’
Major inter-state clients in Brisbane (Ergon Energy), Melbourne (Sustainability Victoria, Yarra Valley Water) and Perth (Water Corporation) result in the establishment of branch offices in Victoria and WA. Website re-launched after major review of marketing and communications strategies.

2007: Young Tree - ‘Organisational Sustainability – From Why? to How!’
EcoSTEPS expands its sphere of influence to meet growing client needs. National reputation well established in business and all levels of government. Netletter now has several thousand subscribers.

2008: Growing Vibrant Tree - ‘Strategic Sustainability’
EcoSTEPS begins working across the region with a major strategy project for the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat based in Fiji.

2009: Expanding Canopy - 'Clarity - Strategy - Transformation'
New Shareholders and Associates broaden EcoSTEPS ability to service particular market sectors such as Property, Utilities, Local Government, FMCG etc.

2010: A Mature Tree - 'Expanding Sphere of Influence'

3rd Five Year Plan: 2010-2015: Objective: Global influence...

2011: Pause and Reflect - 'Twelve years of evolution and change'. Julian elected to the board of ISSP: International Society of Sustainability Professionals

2012: Regeneration and Renewal - New strategic plan developed focussing on accelerated change towards sustainability globally

2013: Reaching Out - Making New Connections - 'Spirituality - the Heart of Sustainability '. Julian Crawford elected as Vice President of ISSP

2014: Towards the Circular Economy - Fresh, Innovative thinking. New ways to approach 'wicked' challenges.

2015: Global Action - Local Activity - The Pope's Laudato Si (May), the UN's SDGs (Sept) and COP21 in Paris (Dec) - it's a big year for Sustainability...

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