Cittaslow is: 'An international network of cities where the living is easy.'

In 2007 Katoomba, Blue Mountains became a Cittaslow. It's pronounced 'chitta- slow' and means a village or city of about 50,000 people who seek to sustain their community by supporting their local producers, artists, social groups, business operators, etc., while protecting and preserving their local environment and social fabric.

Cittaslow was established in Italy in 1999. The Slow Food movement is a closely related but independent organisation established in 1986. Cittaslow has approximately 110 groups flourishing across Europe and UK. Now there are two in Australia: these are the first in the Southern Hemisphere and outside of Europe: Katoomba, Blue Mountains and Goolwa in South Australia.

Cittaslow has been described as: "Cities given life by people with respect for times past, rich in places to meet, in theatres, workshops, cafes, restaurants, spaces for imagination, with intact landscape and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, where people can still appreciate the slow, wholesome passing of the seasons, with good eating and good health provided by natural foods, with respect for tradition."

As EcoSTEPS is based in the Blue Mountains, it has had an active role in nurturing and supporting the local Cittaslow program with several associates on the Working Party, as well as assisting facilitation of community planning and marketing meetings.

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