EcoSTEPS Composts

So what's an EcoSTEPS Compost?

“A mixture of decaying organic matter, as from leaves and manure, used to improve soil structure and provide nutrients.”

“A composition; a mixture.”

- To update current EcoSTEPS members about our work…
- To give prospective consultants the chance to meet EcoSTEPS…
- Approximately quarterly (seasonally)
- Different every time: Sometimes too moist, Sometimes too dry…
- Never dirty or smelly! Always fun and useful!

At EcoSTEPS, we take regeneration, evaluation and renewal seriously by allocating regular time to be clear on what we are doing, individually and collectively as a consultancy. We also seek to improve and update our approaches and information. Our gatherings are called 'Composts' (after running a competition!)

Because our clients are diverse and require different aspects and skills from our team, we need to be current and effective. At our Composts we share thought leadership concepts, trends and research, as well as providing training in various areas of our own tool kit and practices. We aim to be dynamic and pragmatic towards our skills, IP and market offering.

Generally aligning with the changes in the seasons, we hold these Composts on or close to the equinoxes, at varying venues over one or two days, to incorporate our own changes and acknowledging our interconnectedness with nature and its cycles. The name itself gives meaning to the process of nurturing and sustaining EcoSTEPS.

Having fun and building friendship are important steps in maintaining balance and enthusiasm. We also appreciate that good food and companionship are a foundation for personal health and they form the basis of each gathering.

Given EcoSTEPS desire to extend our reach and influence, these events are an opportunity to showcase our business to would-be and new associates and/or shareholders in an informal and open environment.


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