Susan Oliver

“Like happiness, sustainability is not a destination, but a manner of travelling. Too bad most of us don’t realise this until we have spent our lives travelling at breakneck speed, building bigger roads, buying better cars, and ignoring the passengers.”


I am part of EcoSTEPS because I believe sustainability is the one concept to emerge in my lifetime that offers us a way of looking to the future with hope. Regardless of how polluted our planet has become and how dysfunctional society may seem, the one thing our children will need to survive and find meaning in their lives, is hope.

Government and business need people who understand the way they operate, to help them embrace sustainability in the most appropriate way for them. EcoSTEPS has the skills, knowledge and experience to help their clients achieve this.

Background and Experience

Susan spent more than ten years as a diplomat with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She has worked as a commercial lawyer in, and had a number of diplomatic postings where her strong communication and negotiating skills have been employed. As a Business Governance Lecturer at the WA Centre for Leadership, Susan worked closely with non-Government community organisations, helping them to achieve their visions through strategic networking and better organisation. She has a keen interest in corporate social responsibility.


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