St John Miall

"Working with sustainability is important to me not only for the obvious reason that this world is a beautiful place and we should all strive to leave it a little better for our passing through it, but on a much deeper level, I'm committed to supporting individuals as they search for what gives them meaning and fulfillment. My experience is that this is central to our purpose in life, regardless of skills, profession or career, and a key part of this includes a reconnection to Nature and other human beings… these social and environmental dimensions of the triple bottom line have been neglected for too long."

In forming EcoSTEPS we have created a vehicle that is dynamic, flexible, powerful and ideally suited to meet organisational needs in these times of rapid change. I have spent many years working in the areas of personal and organisational development and the environment. It has long been an ambition to bring these areas together to support other organisations in the transition to sustainable operation within a sustainable society.

Background and Experience

St John has formal qualifications in geography, economics, planning and adult education. He's an Accredited Natural Step Consultant and has over seven years experience with The Natural Step. He has over twenty years experience in adult education, course design and facilitation. In addition to sustainability thinking, his professional expertise lies in Personal Development, Leadership, Teaming, Innovation, Train the Trainer, Creativity, Transformational Learning, Values and Conflict Resolution.

Having spent many years facilitating individuals through their process of integration and personal development, he is acutely aware of the importance of bringing the work force with you in a way where they can embrace change with enthusiasm and excitement through organisational change. This, coupled with a long association with The Banksia Environmental Foundation, both as President and Executive Director, and as a consultant in the field of culture change and development within corporations, means he is well equipped to partner with clients as they adjust to the demands and opportunities of Sustainability.


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