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Millennium Project - State of the Future Report 2010

"Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should read this incredible document, period!" Technological Forecasting & Social Change

"The State of the Future Report has inspired and continues to instigate our foundation’s work on the interdependent paths of global development and future progress. It is one of the rare examples of integrated thinking on global challenges that needs to be addressed if we are to enhance the quality of life for present and for future generations." Liz Mohn, Vice-Chair of the Executive Board, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

EcoSTEPS Director Julian Crawford contributed an overview article on the state of sustainability in Australia. Download it below:

“Working with the team at EcoSTEPS is so rewarding it doesn't feel like work at all: more like a fascinating shared journey. The knowledge base of the partners is impressive, but would have little value without their expertise in sharing that knowledge through expert facilitation and communication.

I congratulate the team on its professionalism. I've enjoyed watching EcoSTEPS win growing recognition as it helps organisations and communities create better futures.”

Jan Lee Martin (Director), Futures Foundation

EcoSTEPS has long had a close association with the Futures Foundation and its pioneering work on stimulating conversation and debate about our futures. EcoSTEPS Director Julian Crawford was a Futures Foundation Board Member for several years and Patrick Longfield and others are long standing members.

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