Department of Industry, Tourism & Resources

EcoSTEPS were engaged by the Federal Dept of Industry, Tourism & Resources (DITR) to design and facilitate a one-day multi-stakeholder strategy workshop organised by DITR with the Barton Group. The purpose of the day was to refresh the Australian Environment Industry Action Agenda (EIAA). EIAA is a joint Government-industry 10-year strategic plan for the development of the environment industry, which is increasingly seen as an enabler of internationally competitive performance by mainstream industries, as well as delivering improved environmental outcomes. Industry implementation of the Action Agenda is being led by the Barton Group.

The purpose of the Stocktake Meeting was to:

  • Discuss and finalise the draft EIAA 2nd Year Implementation Report;
  • Examine and assess EIAA implementation progress to date, including a discussion of the issues currently facing the industry;
  • Identify and agree on next year's priorities for implementing the Action Agenda vision: to build a competitive environment industry in Australia with annual sales of $40 billion by 2011; and
  • Consider and decide on other issues such as implementation structure, process and funding.

An independent facilitator, Julian Crawford of EcoSTEPS, was engaged to facilitate the Stocktake Meeting.

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