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EcoSTEPS is a leading global Sustainability Consultancy specialising in all aspects of Sustainability strategy and implementation

Our Name...

Let’s consider the origins of the name EcoSTEPS. It’s a combination of ‘eco-‘ and STEPS.

The word ‘eco-‘ (think ‘eco-nomics', and 'eco-logy’ for example) comes from the Greek word ‘oikos’ (home).

• The first home we have in our mind, which generates our thoughts and feelings.
• The second we have is this physical body – the temple of the spirit
• The third we have is the home where family interaction takes place
• The fourth we have is the Earth – the stage for our human family play
• The fifth is the universe – our bigger home, where the planet is located

STEPS: Sustainability, Training, Education, Practices and Strategies (a continuum…)

What does EcoSTEPS do?

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, EcoSTEPS works as a 'Sustainability Partner' with organisations seeking to contribute to a more sustainable world. In addition, EcoSTEPS engages in active partnerships, research and knowledge sharing with similar consultancies and research groups across the globe.

What Services does EcoSTEPS offer?

EcoSTEPS provides a wide range of sustainability related services and products. We focus on strategy development & implementation and associated training & change programs. We encourage you to look at our 'Sustainability Answers'

Where is EcoSTEPS?

EcoSTEPS has national representation across Australia and New Zealand and our people are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Australia and New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Who works for EcoSTEPS?

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