Central West Catchment Management Authority

The Central West Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is the first NSW CMA to reach the goal of carbon neutrality. At the start of 2009, with EcoSTEPS assistance they developed a measurable goal for investigating and mitigating our carbon footprint. The Central West CMA will be Carbon Neutral for the year ended 30 June 2009 and future years.

A Steering group to oversee the project examined and quantified the Central West CMA’s Carbon footprint from both direct and indirect sources. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Action Plan (GRAP) was developed with EcoSTEPS assistance. As a result, key organisational behaviours were identified that contribute to most carbon emissions; namely vehicle and air travel and the use of electricity to power our office network. Action was immediately taken to purchase 100% green power, to change office behaviours such as turning off computers and other equipment overnight and to ensure that all fleet vehicles use ethanol blend petrol. These steps have offset 2009/10 emissions.


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