ISSP - International Society of Sustainability Professionals

EcoSTEPS is proud to support ISSP and delighted that one of our directors, Julian Crawford, was appointed to the global ISSP Board in 2009 and elected Vice President in 2013. EcoSTEPS has been energetically and actively involved in ISSP over the past few years and attended the first two conferences held in Portland 2011 and Chicago 2103.

As Bob Willard, best selling author of 'The Next Sustainability Wave' and 'The Sustainability Advantage' says:

"The launch of ISSP is a significant milestone on the global journey to sustainability. It is the perfect time for sustainability professionals to partner and help each other be more effective and successful sustainability champions. Together we have the knowledge, skills, connections, and will to accomplish the necessary acceleration of sustainability strategies in all sectors. It is exciting to be a part of this impressive organization!”

We encourage you to down load the flyer below and find out more and to consider becoming a member of ISSP and supporting its important global work.


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