United Nations UNDAC

The UN Dialogue Among Civilisations (UNDAC) has been running since 2001 and is a program that has been auspiced by the Brahma Kumaris. Its aim is to give equal voice to the concerns of people of all races, gender, cultures, religions and nations of the world. Its emphasis is on sustaining an ongoing dialogue among people of all civilizations. The dialogue creates a public forum that works towards creating, for every member of humanity, the basic human rights.

EcoSTEPS Director, Carole Young was delighted to be invited as a key note speaker at the 2007 dialogue at the Brahma Kumaris Centre, Leura, Blue Mountains. With other participants she explored 'The Journey of Spirit in the 21st Century' and the 'Inner challenge of outer change as large scale change threatens the Earth's ecosystems and in turn the social fabric of humanity.’

Communication as 'the sharing of created meaning ' can be compared and contrasted with Conversation as ‘the creation of shared meaning’.


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