3. Where at now?

With increasing organisational understanding and the business case taking shape, we need to know how the organisation is currently positioned with regard to sustainability issues.

Sustainability Review

Tool: EcoSTEPS Sustainability Review provides a sustainability SWOT analysis. It analyses the present situation to give a preliminary sustainability stock take’ or gap analysis. This allows you to identify your organisation’s current sustainability profile and identify areas for management attention to build greater competitive advantage. Learn more...

Carbon Audit and GHG Footprint Services

EcoSTEPS works closely with the University of Sydney - Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis on the provision of Carbon Management and Greenhouse Gas Reduction services

EcoSTEPS can help you measure, reduce and manage the carbon emissions from your operations.

Ecological Footprint, Life Cycle Analysis

Tool: Ecological Footprint, Life Cycle Analysis and other EcoSTEPS Impact Mapping services such as input-output analysis and supply chain management may be particularly useful to your organisation. Learn more...

Energy, Water & Waste Audits

Tool: Energy, Water & Waste Audits - EcoSTEPS have both direct and indirect experience and expertise in the critical areas of Energy, Water and Waste. A good place to start is often with an audit to assess current practices and the opportunities for improvement. Learn more...

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3. Where at now?