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EcoSTEPS and the National Professional Development Initiative for Sustainability Educators (NPDISE)

'Sustainability Answers: Clarity - Strategy - Transformation'

EcoSTEPS is pleased to announce that has been successful in a national selection process seeking the 'best of the best' training programs to introduce sustainability to organisations. The program draws on EcoSTEPS wealth of experience with a diverse range of clients at the forefront of sustainability thinking and action over the past decade.

EcoSTEPS award-winning Sustainability Training & Education Programs have been used with a wide range of organisations to help people at all levels Board, Management and Staff to understand and appreciate the sustainability issues facing their organisation.

National Training Award Winner: In 2007, EcoSTEPS was proud to be announced as winner with Yarra Valley Water of the prestigious AITD (Aust Inst of Training & Development) Learning & Development Award for this project. Extract from the Judges' Report below:

Entry: Environmental Education Program: "This was a pioneering initiative to educate and inspire staff to make their personal behaviour more environmentally friendly. The program has run over two years and it offers a range of activities and resources. All aspects of the program were well-considered and well-executed, and the project is one that is of critical importance for our society."

More than anything, sustainability is a mindset - a way of thinking. The principles of sustainability are only now being fully identified and articulated, and so it is not surprising that most of us are not familiar with or do not use this sustainability mindset.

The good news is that it is not difficult to pick up, and once your organisation has a common understanding of what is required by sustainability, then creative ideas start to emerge as to how to do more with less and how to minimise the organisational impacts and maximise the return on investment.

EcoSTEPS has a range of educational programmes covering all aspects of sustainability:

  • Strategic Sustainability - Implementing Organisational Sustainability
  • Organisational Sustainability - From Why? to How!
  • Understanding Sustainability - Establishing a Common Language
  • Sustainable Development: From Principles to Practices
  • Green Office
  • Creativity and Sustainable Solutions
  • Developing Your Sustainability Business Case
  • Sustainable Culture Change
  • Actioning Sustainability
  • Sustainable Supply Chain and Procurement

Hard at work!

In addition to these generic training programs, EcoSTEPS delivers training programs tailored to fit the needs of your organisation.

Recent clients that EcoSTEPS has provided sustainability training and briefing programs to include: Water Corporation (WA), HASSELL, Fuji-Xerox Goodman International, Yarra Valley Water, North Sydney Council, Blacktown Council, St Vincent de Paul Society and numerous other organisations like yours.

Find out how EcoSTEPS can help you, please contact us.


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