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“TAFE NSW Sydney Institute has been working with EcoSTEPS since 2001 when our focus was on sustainable operations and site management. As our focus has shifted from environmental management to practicing sustainable values and teaching for sustainable livelihoods, EcoSTEPS has been there acting as mentor & advisor.

Patrick Longfield & Carole Young facilitated our teacher training sessions on Learning for Sustainability across the Institute. These give staff the opportunity to explore options to integrate sustainability into their everyday lives and work. Each participant was given time to clarify their values and knowledge through the learning sessions and through an insightful and professional evaluation process.”
TAFE Sydney Institute - Cathy Horan (Environment Management & Heritage Officer)

Sydney Institute of TAFE has been working towards developing and introducing sustainability principles and practices into its operations. It has developed systems for measuring, monitoring and reducing consumption of water and energy, along with a sustainable purchasing policy. Using cross-sectional working parties, the Institute has developed a set of values and objectives to act as an Institute-wide framework for decision-making. One key area where further work needed to be done was that of staff education for sustainability.

Sydney Institute is now focussing on ‘Education for Sustainability’ as a core element of staff development. EcoSTEPS conducted two half-day sessions, focusing first on head teachers at the Randwick and Ultimo Campuses. The ‘Beyond the Rhetoric into Action’ workshop took participants from a global to a personal perspective. It allowed them to examine the responsibilities that their particular positions as teachers held with respect to implementing sustainability principles and actions. Based on the success of these workshops it is planned to progress the roll-out to other areas of administration and teaching within the Sydney Institute of TAFE.

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