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“Without doubt the key benefit from EcoSTEPS is their ability to take the overwhelmingly complex challenges associated with corporate sustainability and condense and design a system which tailor makes the essence to be absorbed by each part of the organisation.

At first to involve every member of a 400 staff body seemed too much. Quietly Julian and Carole helped and coerced us beyond where we thought we could go to a system where we self analyse and ensure relevance of sustainability practices at all levels of the organisation as a key component of our business planning.”

Lowan Sist (Chief Executive Officer), Macquarie University, Students at Macquarie (SAM)


As a leading University, Macquarie wishes to ‘walk the talk’ with regard to its own sustainability strategy and actions.


Initial internal ‘champions’ were identified and focus group meetings held to identify the individual and organisational drivers. A preliminary sustainability review has been undertaken


Development of an integrated TBL strategy designed to engage progressively all departments and staff.

EcoSTEPS were engaged by Macquarie University Union to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive approach to TBL sustainability for the organisation, its members, staff, customers and infrastructure. The following steps were undertaken:

1. Top Team Engagement
2. Develop Sustainability Policy
3. Develop Sustainability Management Framework & Action Plan
4. Educate Senior Staff
5. Progressive staff education and roll-out
6. Expand sphere of sustainability influence progressively across SAM and Campus

EcoSTEPS worked with SAM as a ‘critical friend’ on their ‘sustainability journey’, including liaison and support – as required – and facilitating integration with other campus-wide sustainability initiatives eg Vice Chancellor’s office, Graduate School of the Environment (GSE – Assoc Prof Daniella Tilbury), ARIES (Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability) etc.

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